Gwen Young

King Hall Class of 2002

Currently a Policy and Advocacy Officer for the Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gwen K. Young has worked at an array of international organizations, including the International Rescue Committee, ACCION International, CARE, and the Harvard Institute for International Development. A Pritikin Prize winner published in both the UC Davis Law Review and the Journal of International Law & Policy, she earned her J.D. from UC Davis School of Law in 2002. Gwen also holds B.A. and M.P.P degrees from Smith College and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Before law school she had worked for more than five years with various nongovernmental organizations in strife-filled countries throughout Africa. She speaks French and Portuguese as well as English.

As an attorney, Gwen has worked as a professional advocate for refugee and human rights at Luce Forward Hamilton and Scripps LLP in San Diego, at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego. She also worked as a Humanitarian Affairs Advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, providing humanitarian law, human rights, and advocacy training in conflict-ridden zones. She is a member of many international law organizations, including the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Society of International Law, and bar associations in California and Europe. Gwen writes:

My training at UC Davis exposed me to human rights issues and the framework of analysis in which to address such issues. While at UC Davis I had the opportunity to speak before the United Nations, and, as a research assistant, to work on emerging issues in the area of transitional justice. The faculty’s willingness to take the time to foster my interests and expose me to the new areas of international law was invaluable.