2014 Distinguished Global Jurist Lecture

2014 Distinguished Global Jurist Lecture

Thursday, November 13 | King Hall Room 1001 | Noon | Open to the Public

Ville Itälä, European Courts of Auditors

Justice Ville Itälä was elected to the Finnish Parliament in 1995 and served through 2004. He then served as the Minister of Interior under Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen from 2000 until 2003. From 2004-2012 He served as a member of the European Parliament, and currently serving as Justice for the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg and on the Special Committee for policy challenges and budgetary resources for a sustainable European Union (EU).

Justice Itälä will be speaking on the emerging markets on behalf of the EU and the Finnish Minister of Interior.

The European Court of Auditors is the external auditor of the EU finances and, as such, one of the EU institutions. The Court is composed of one member from each EU state who is, after a hearing in the Budgetary Control Committee and a non-binding majority-vote in the committee as well as in the plenary of the European Parliament, appointed unanimously by the Council of the European Union for a renewable term of six years.

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